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Holiday Health gives you a peace of mind

It is a new era of medical travel for those seeking better options. We are here to help you find and access trusted, quality medical providers, wellness programs and health care related products across the globe, providing you with the comfort, ease and flexibility of accessing and organising the treatment and services you seek.

You are our number one priority. Every single medical and wellness facility, and product provider has been vetted to ensure we only work with clinics, hospitals and providers we trust. We give you clear, impartial, unbiased information to decide if medical travel is for you; being your single point of contact for various types of medical and wellness treatments and products across the globe.

You will feel better knowing that we are with you, every step of the way. Best of all, we will organise everything at no extra cost to you and it comes with a best price guarantee.

Come talk to us today on +61 3 99172083 or click on the Contact Us button to find out how we can help you!

3 Easy Steps



Whether you prefer e-mail, or you prefer to call us direct, one of our friendly Medical Travel Co-ordinators will be able more than happy to discuss your needs and investigate what options are available for you.


After our initial consultation, we will provide you with a personalised quote, and a run down of the procedure or treatment you will be undergoing, as well as any added accommodation, flights, visa arrangements and activities.


We will make all the required arrangements, including your medical appointments. You will simply have to let us know that you would like to go ahead with the arrangements, and secure your booking!

No Stress Travelling

We will take care of all matters relating to your medical travel journey, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of medical travel without the mountains of paperwork. We will do everything – from liaising with your health care provider, to booking your flights and accommodation, organising your visas (if required) and even activities for the rest of your family members or loved ones upon request! If you are a seasoned traveller and want to organise everything but your medical appointments and treatment or procedure, we would be more than happy to assist!

Why we do it

We do not believe that quality health and medical services should be restricted to only the well-off. Our co-founder, Uzeir Dalip, started the company to enable you to access to quality and affordable medical and wellness services.

Why pay USD$250,000 for a cardiac bypass surgery in the United States, when the same procedure costs between USD$6,000 – USD$7,000 in Malaysia? (Source: Medical Tourism Guide 2016) Or why pay AUD$17,500 for a hair transplant (follicular unit extraction) procedure in Australia, when the same procedure costs between AUD$2,000 – AUD$4,000 in Turkey? (Source: Treatment Abroad 2016). Our team is here to make the process as simple as possible, for your peace of mind.

The high costs of health care in many countries has led us to conduct independent research, which includes physically visiting and vetting the medical facilities we work with to find the best medical treatments from reputable and accredited health care facilities at a fraction of the cost you would pay for the same treatment in Australia, in the United States, or in the United Kingdom.

Travel and visa arrangements, accommodation & activities for your loved ones

Once you have confirmed that you are happy to proceed, we can also help you organise your travel, accommodation, visas (if required) and any activities your family or children would like to participate in to give you the space and time you need to recover. Additionally, we will also provide you with information about popular destinations nearby for you and your loved ones to enjoy.

We understand that that travelling to a new or foreign city or town for a medical or health treatment can be stressful. This is why you will be assigned with your very own dedicated Medical Travel Co-ordinator to help take care of your needs.

Post-treatment care and experience

To assist you with your healing and recovery process, we can organise special after care wellness spa programs that are specifically designed to put your body at an optimum level to aid with your healing process, whilst allowing you to relax and unwind from the stresses of surgery. After you have fully recovered from your procedure, we can also organise for you to explore the country’s vibrant, charming and beautiful sites. From the scenic country side, to the enchanting markets, to the bustling city centres; you choose what you would like your adventure to consist of.

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