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Holiday Health gives you a peace of mind

It is a new era of medical travel for those seeking better options. We are here to help you find and access trusted, quality medical providers, wellness programs and health care related products across the globe, providing you with the comfort, ease and flexibility of accessing and organising the treatment and services you seek.

You are our number one priority. Every single medical and wellness facility, and product provider has been vetted to ensure we only work with clinics, hospitals and providers we trust. We give you clear, impartial, unbiased information to decide if medical travel is for you; being your single point of contact for various types of medical and wellness treatments and products across the globe.

You will feel better knowing that we are with you, every step of the way. Best of all, we will organise everything at no extra cost to you and it comes with a best price guarantee.

Come talk to us today on +61 3 99172083 or click on the Contact Us button to find out how we can help you!

Holiday Health was founded by Uzeir Dalip, after he personally experienced the benefits of medical travel first hand.

A few years ago, Uzeir was having a hard time dealing with his receding hair line. He had always been very confident, but his confidence was greatly affected when he started to allow his rapid hair loss to affect him. He decided to take action instead of wallowing in his sorrows. Uzeir started by trying several over-the-counter hair loss treatments which promised to slow down or stop the rapid hair loss he was experiencing. After not having much success with the treatments, he decided to look into other options.

Whilst some of the preventative hair loss treatments Uzeir had tried worked for many other people, it did not work for him. By then, he had spent thousands of dollars on treatments that did not work for him. Uzeir decided to look into one last option – hair transplant. He contacted numerous hair transplant surgeons in Melbourne but the quotes he was getting was way too expensive. Dampened by the cost of undergoing a hair transplant surgery in Melbourne, he decided to get some quotes from Turkey and Malaysia. He had heard that the cost of a hair transplant overseas was much cheaper compared to the quotes he had received by providers in Australia.

Uzeir wanted to make sure that the medical facility he chose was reputable and that he would be safe. So, he interviewed surgeon after surgeon, and looked up the clinics and hospitals they practised at. After several weeks, he managed to narrow down his options from 14 to 4. From there, he narrowed his options further by comparing their experience, track record, and reputation. Shortly after, he confirmed the details with his surgeon and booked his flights and accommodation. Uzeir flew out of Australia on the 4th of August 2014 for his hair transplant procedure and two days later, he underwent a hair transplant surgery at a hospital in Turkey. He came out of the surgery 8-hours later and flew back to Australia extremely satisfied with the work his surgeon had done.

At Holiday Health, we strive to provide you with the ease and comfort throughout your entire experience. We understand how daunting this experience can be, but we will do our best to make the experience as fuss-free, and as comfortable as possible for you. We will provide you with the information you will need to enable you to make a well-informed decision as to whether or not medical travel is for you.

Be rest assured that we have your best interests at heart and we are here for you! Our dedicated team is happy to walk you through the process and take care of every aspect of your trip – from booking your flights, to liaising with the medical providers for you. We will also help organise your visa and airport transfers if required. This allows you to concentrate on improving your health and well-being. For seasoned travellers, we can organise your appointments, procedure or program on your behalf, and leave the booking of the flights and accommodation to you. Regardless which option you choose, you can have a peace of mind knowing that you will get world-class medical and wellness services, from reputable and reliable facilities.

Our Team



Uzeir is the company visionary. He drives the overall company mission and strategy. His genuine passion for helping people, and championing transparency and access to medical and wellness programs around the world serves as a constant source of motivation and inspiration for the team.



Nurlina oversees all operations, marketing and business development activities, ensuring our customers are constantly satisfied with their experience with us. Her passion in serving our customers dutifully and her meticulousness in ensuring our processes work like clock-work is truly admirable and motivating.


MeaganMedical Travel Expert

Meagan is an passionate Medical Travel Expert. She is a great asset not only to our team, but also to our patients. Meagan is dedicated in ensuring our patients have a smooth experience, taking care of the needs and requirements of our patients, and their families. She is possibly the friendliest Medical Travel Expert around!


RizalMedical Travel Expert

Rizal is an experienced Medical Travel Expert. Having been with our organisation since our inception, Rizal has been an invaluable member of our team, tirelessly assisting our patients with all of their medical travel needs. His love for what we do, and his dedication to our patients is truly remarkable.


Our vision is to become your one-stop platform in organising all your medical and health travel needs – from finding the right medical facility, to booking your flights and accommodation, to organizing your post-treatment care, to having your health care and wellness products delivered where ever you may be! We strive to provide you with the ease and comfort throughout your entire experience.


It is our mission to be your trusted and reliable partner, connecting you with leading medical and wellness providers around the globe, to enable you to improve your health and well-being. Come speak to one of our Medical Travel Co-ordinators now to find out how we can help you!

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